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Phenolic laminate worktop


Phenolic laminate worktop is made of special composition phenolic resin, chemical resistance film, colored paper and special purpose fire retardant Kraft paper, through high temperature, high pressure press forming. The product quality has reached the international advanced level, and various technical indexes tested by international authoritative organization.



Fire Retardant Chemical Resistant Board

Max Size

Thickness 12.7-25mm(¡À5%£©
5¡Á10 (1525*3050+10mm)
5¡Á12 (1525*3660+10mm)


Various shape could be customized under max size

Color and Surface

Black color, matt surface

Physical Performance

Impact resistance and anti-abrasion, high temperature resistance, anti-scratch, easy maintain

Chemical Performance

Fire retardant, anti-corrosion, hygienic & bacteria proof, lower formaldehyde


Laboratory worktop and fume hood

Product drawing:

Product picture:

  Flat ceramic laboratory worktop
Raised edge ceramic laboratory worktop
Ceramic worktop for fume cupboard
Ceramic laboratory sink & cup
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