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Professional technic to monolithic worktop with relief borders on the four sides, prevent liquid to be overflowed of worktop and increasing safety.


Excellent resistance to corrosion from any strong acid & alkali solvents and chemicals except hydrofluoric acid.


Exceptional anti-scratch£¬anti-impact£¬abrasion resistance. And load capability is more than 400 kgs.


Fine anti-UV light£¬non-fade, non-deformation£¬easy maintenance. These features bring up a durability performance with long product life.


Fully ceramic and glazed surface cannot absorb grease and liquids. Stain resistance & easy cleaning make the surface hygienic & bacteria-proof.


Brilliant fire resistance to withstand extreme temperature of 800℃ .


Health & environmental friendly. There is no methanal and other toxic & pungent smell when it was heated.


Any sharp & hood to customization.

  Flat ceramic laboratory worktop
Raised edge ceramic laboratory worktop
Ceramic worktop for fume cupboard
Ceramic laboratory sink & cup
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