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Shanghai Roadlab company was established in 2009.Our headquarter is located in Shanghai China. We committed to R & D, production, sales of high-end laboratory dedicated products: worktop, floor, wall and series of supporting products.

Our marketing strategy is based in Shanghai, layout of the whole country, and to be globalization.

We founded a large-scale center for R & D and production in Jiangxi province. And set up three branch companies in Beijing, Chengdu and Shenzhen. It completed a perfect national sales network in our domestic market.

Roadlab products widely apply to education, scientific research, inspection and quarantine, biomedicine, medical and health care, petrochemical and other industrials.

Roadlab has provided international standardized products and services to more than 13,000 worldwide customers.


national standard

    2009 Established Shanghai Road lab Equipment Co.,Ltd

    2011 Acquisition Wenzhou Yabaolai Special Ceramic Company

    2014 Member of SEFA

    2016 Founded R & D and production center in Jiangxi provience

    2019 Founded branches in Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdou.

    ● Established quanlity strategy cooperation with SGS

    2020 Set up Showing Center in Shanghai

    ● Launched new products for laboratory:

    ● PVC floor

    ● Phenolic resin wall




• GB 24820-2009 General technical requirements for laboratory furniture

• GB 50222-2017 Code for fire prevention in design of interior decoration of buildings

• GB 6566-2010 Limits of radionuclides in building materials

• GB 8624-2012 Classification for burning behavior of building materaials and products

• GB 18580-2017 Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials- Limit of formaldehydeemission of wood-based panels and finishing products

National recommended standard

• GB/T 37140-2018 Technical requirements acceptance specification for inspection and testing laboratory

• GB/T 35153-2017 Slip-resistance ceramic tile

• GB/T 37798-2019 Evaluation of slip resistance of ceramic

• GB/T 26696-2011 Polymer board for furniture

• GB/T 4100-2015 Ceramic tiles

• GB/T 9966.1-2001 Test methods for natural facing stones

• GB/T 17657-2013 Test methods of evaluating the properties of wood-based panesl and surface decorated wood-based panels

professional standard

• JGJ 91-2019 Standard for design of scientific research buildings

• JC/T 897-2014 Antiseptic function of antibacterial ceramic

group standards

• T/CIQA 10-2020 Technical requirements and test methods for ceramic worktop of laboratory furniture

International standards

• SEFA3-2010


• EUROPE. EN ISO 10545